Drones Made Easy
The Drones Made Easy engineers search the world for the best gear so you don't have to.

Armed with 15 years of aerial and systems engineering experience under our belts, we know we can make a difference in the burgeoning drone industry by sharing real knowledge instead of the regurgitated hearsay experienced elsewhere. With extensive knowledge of electromechanical system design, unmanned aerial vehicle operations, imaging technologies and aerial image processing we know we can make the proliferation of drones more approachable to the average user. By way of appropriate component selection and user friendly software design, it is our goal to in fact make drones easy.

Drones Made Easy operates www.dronesmadeeasy.com, an eCommerce site, and a local retail shop in central San Diego that sells high end consumer drone equipment. Drones Made Easy also offers custom builds and development for any additional interfaces a customer may need. This work is done by the same people who were designing, building and testing multispectral imaging payloads for military use. Needless to say, we do a good job.

We like to think of ourselves as a mapping company that sells drone equipment as a means to an end. We successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign last summer to help us launch our mapping web service Maps Made Easy. Maps Made Easy allows users to upload drone-collected aerial images to be automatically stitched together and georeferenced. As the Internet's only georeferencing interface, we provide a simple to use online interface for generating various GIS compatible data products such as GeoTiff, DEMs, NDVI and point cloud outputs.

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